Red Magpie is an online journal about art, people and shiny things.

We’re interested in talking about talented human beings, their passions and their creations. We want to recognise what you make, what you articulate, and what you bravely present to the world.

If you’re a painter, sculptor, writer, musician, illustrator, dancer, filmmaker, designer, photographer, actor, taxidermist, food artisan, comedian, scientist, or escapologist, we want to tell your story. And this is not an exhaustive list — surprise us! Like a magpie drawn to bling, we’re passionate about passionate people, whatever you choose to identify as.

Red Magpie is run by writer/editor Georgia Kartas and photographer Elly Freer. We like to think of ourselves as partners-in-crime, with guest cameos from some very talented individuals. You can read more about us and the rest of our contributors here. We’re based in Melbourne, Hobart and Canberra, and we hope to extend to other cities as we grow.

So if you’re a person doing and/or creating something that correlates with the ideas above and you are interested in being featured, please drop us a line via our Contact page. We’d love to hear from you.

If you wish to contribute as a writer or photographer, please email us and we’ll be in touch.