Dance of the Bee

It’s not every day that you go to a piano concert in which one of the headlining performers is a live swarm of bees. In Dance of the Bee, the proffering of Martin Friedel (an Emmy award-winning composer, scientist and avid apiarist), Michael Kieran Harvey (one of Australia’s leading pianists and, surprise surprise, also an avid apiarist), the Astra Choir and Arts House, you get to see probably one of the only concerts to be described as an “interspecies musical collaboration.”

U&I Surfwear

U&I is a story about women and empowerment. Movement is freedom, and designers Jodie Hayes and Emma Bäcklund have created a designer surfwear label that aids and abets active women in reclaiming female physical autonomy, one multifunctional swimwear piece at a time.

Glitter Pimp

Red Magpie celebrated our contributors, readers and featured artisans with a glamtastic explosion of glitter-related paraphernalia for one special night. Here’s the videographic essence of one hell of a shiny evening.


Asphyxia is an artist, writer, puppeteer and ex-circus performer based in Northcote, Melbourne. She is also deaf, and a passionate activist for deaf awareness. Her artwork articulates her desire to represent those who are different. From her home/creative studio/near self-sustainable menagerie, Asphyxia shared her story and love of creativity with us.

All videos by Tye Dunn.