Our Team

Georgia Kartas


Editor/Writer/Co-founder (Hobart)

Georgia Kartas (@gee_kart) is an editor and writer whose writing has appeared in Right NowGrapple Annual, BurleyUs Folk and BMA Magazine. She has interned with Scissors Paper Pen and Kids’ Book Review and, after migrating from Canberra to Melbourne and now to Hobart, decided to continue writing about remarkable people and their work. Georgia is passionate about stories and dancing, and since Red Magpie’s original inception has not been swooped by a magpie once.

Elly Freer

Elly Freer

Photographer/Co-founder (Melbourne)

Elly Freer is an ex-Canberran and Australian School of Art graduate who loves capturing life on camera. Her work has been exhibited in Canberra galleries such as CCAS, ANCA and Kaori Gallery, and she is excited to spread her wings in the city of Melbourne. Conversational skills extend to dogs, food processors and useless superpowers. View her portfolio here.

Roan Scott


Editor/Writer (Canberra)

Roan is a Canberra based non-fiction writer, and is also Co-Content Coordinator for literary collective Scissors Paper Pen. They always try to read too many books at once, can never seem to stick to anything for long, and will never understand people who don’t like Canberra. They spend most of their time attending local music and poetry gigs, being endlessly envious of all their talented artistic friends, and drinking entirely too much wine. Follow Roan’s tweetin’ here.

Martina Hoffman


Writer (Melbourne)

Martina Hoffmann loves to read. Some of her favourite novelists are Zadie Smith, Elena Ferrante and Hunter S Thompson. When not reading, Martina dabbles in both arts and sciences: daylighting as a statistician and computer programmer and writing and working as a fashion model after dark. Her writing has been published in Voiceworks and on Seizure online, and some other places. She is currently particularly interested in gender and feminism, and is working on a thriller/coming-of-age fiction manuscript about a girl growing up in a small town in rural Australia. For more examples of her work go to martinawrote.com and follow her on Twitter @indeliblehuman.

Adam Thomas


Photographer (Canberra)

Adam Thomas (@dev_dsp) is a vaguely Marxist but comfortably bourgeoisie hacker who pays his debt to the performing arts practitioners by slinging a camera around and releasing gig photos under Creative Commons between sessions soldering LEDs to microcontrollers for fun and no profit. When he’s not in Canberra’s The Phoenix photographing bands, poets and The Audience, he usually can be found under the sporadic glow of temperamental LED strips anthropomorphising MakeHackVoid (the Canberra Hackerspace) while mumbling “You’re a hackerspace, you have a culture, start acting like it.”

Eden Meure


Photographer (Hobart)

Eden Meure is best friends with your grandma. She cries a lot and loves Roald Dahl.

Tye Dunn

Tye Dunn

Videographer (Melbourne)

Tye Dunn is a documentary-style filmmaker with a love of all things sci fi and alcoholic. He studied in Brisbane, Canberra and Mexico City, and currently works at Melbourne-based production company Outsider Productions. He eats a lot of carbonara and once won a mechanical bull riding contest in a small town in Mexico.

Cheney Brew


Editor/Writer (Canberra)

Cheney Brew (@everyonebutsix) is a Canberra-based editor, blogger and writer who has written for Red Magpie in its previous incarnation. She would dearly love to be described by others as “mysterious” and “street-smart”, but first has to figure out a way to stop thinking that every person who happens to be jogging nearby is chasing her.

Catherine Sietkiewicz

Writer (Melbourne)

Cat Sietkiewicz is a Melbourne-based writer and musician. She has her finger on the pulse of approximately nothing current or cool – her favourite record is still Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 1969 Green River – but finds richness in excavating and reflecting upon the human experience to imbue the mire of life with meaning. Check out her website, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Linda Chen

Writer (Canberra)

Linda is a Canberra-based actor and writer. She works as part of the creative team at Mind Blank Ltd, bringing mental health awareness and education to schools though forum theatre; appears regularly at monthly ‘Tales After Dark: Storytelling for Grown-Ups’ events to read stories by (mostly) Australian writers and is part of the Canberran chapter of experimental arts collective COUP. Aside from dabbling in her own bits and pieces of creative writing to varying success, she also forms one-sixth of Writers’ Room X, who are developing a six-part webseries. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts at the ANU with majors in Finance and English, tries to drink a lot of tea and dances. A lot. In secret.

Maryanne Netto

Writer (Melbourne)

Maryanne Netto is an editor, migrant and mother. She used to commission travel writers to research Australia and the South Pacific for a travel publisher. A dream job? Yes, because the writers were curious, clever and brought her bright, shiny pieces of information about the world. But also no, because she was the one stuck behind the desk. It’s her turn to write about people and places. She loves black bitches and can be ferocious (but mostly she likes to laugh).

Amy McGregor

Photographer (Canberra)

Amy McGregor is a Canberra-based photographer and ANU School of Art Graduate. Her work has been exhibited at ANCA Gallery and M16 Artspace Canberra, PICA Perth,QCP Brisbane and the Pingyao International Photography Festival China. She may have a mild obsession with kitsch 1970s TV shows and films, with a particular fondness for Charlie’s Angels and TJ Hooker.

Sheila Papp


Graphic Designer (Melbourne)

Sheila Papp has worked for a wide range of clients including design agencies, music bands and special events in both Canberra and Melbourne. If not designing you may find her at your local pub dancing on tables, and she is always up for a friendly chat or dance battle.

Kate Bingham

Writer (New York)

Born in Canberra, Kate Bingham (@kebingham) is a copywriter and graphic designer living in New York City. She loves Jack Keroauc, guitar rock and travelling to places she has never been and writing about them. Kate studied Creative Writing at UC and is inspired by art for the sake of art, but also thinks that making a buck out of it is really cool. She knows every word of Kanye West’s POWER and she’s seen every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and she believes in hard work and being nice to people.

Rosy Listing


Writer (Canberra)

Rosy Listing is a writer/arts reviewer/lawyer from Canberra. She finished her arts degree majoring in art history at ANU, and her law degree while studying in England and at Sydney University. She is a lawyer by day, and practices writing by night. A self-confessed art enthusiast, Rosy has written for arts publications such as MusiqueArt and Art Antiquity and Law. She currently hones her writing and reviewing skills through online blogs and by reviewing local arts events around Canberra.